Master Conservationist Awards

Reminder: The 2016 Application Deadline is June 1st, 2016.

awardThe Master Conservationist program was established in 1983 to recognize those who have excelled in soil and water conservation and protection. The program has been expanded from a production agriculture focus to now include community conservation efforts, as well as youth’s efforts in conservation. Current awards focus on recognition of excellence in water management and conservation. Anyone can submit nominations, including self nominations.

Production Agriculture awards are presented annually to Nebraska agriculturalists that have excelled in the use of new, innovative and traditionally methods of water conversation in farming or ranching operations.

Community awards are presented to individuals or groups who have excelled in taking a holistic approach to wise use of water resources while maintaining and enhancing the environment.

Youth awards are presented to individuals or groups who implement unique ways to sustain water resources while creating new opportunities to improve the environment.

In each category there will be one overall winner and one honorable mention.

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Congratulations to the 2015 Master Conservationist Award Winners!

2015 Agriculture Award Winner: Kermit and Janice Smith, Eustis, Nebraska

2015 Community Award Winner: Stormwater Team, Omaha, Nebraska

The 2016 banquet is set for September. Winners will be featured in the Omaha World-Herald.

We are now accepting nominations for 2016. Click here to go to the submission form.