Omaha World-Herald News Staff

Executive Editor Mike Reilly
Managing Editor Melissa Matczak
Asst Managing Editor Joanne Stewart
Book Editor Dan Sullivan
Books Designer Christine Zueck
Presentation & Planning
Presentation & Planning Editor Dave Elsesser
Deputy Presentation & Planning Editor Tim Parks
News and Presentation
Copy Desk Chief Dan Golden
Deputy Copy Desk Chief Sara Connolly
News Service Manager Joan von Kampen
Copy Editor Rich Mills
Copy Editor Johnna Hjersman
Copy Editor Pam Thomas
Copy Editor Zack Aldrich
Copy Editor Haylee Pearl
Copy Editor David Candler
Copy Editor Pam Richter
Copy Editor Tim Winters
Copy Editor Jim Waller
Copy Editor Sarah McCallister
Copy Editor Tim Sacco
Copy Editor Duane Retzlaff
Designer Tammy Yttri
Designer Katie Myrick
Artist Matt Haney
Artist DaveCroy
Online Edition Editor Ben Vankat
Deputy Online Editor for Engagement Leia Mendoza
Deputy Online Editor Patrick Smith
Online Editor Chrisann Nigrin
Livewell Editor Katy Glover
Momaha Editor Ashlee Coffey
Community Connection Editor Courtney Brummer-Clark
GO! Online Editor Micah Mertes
Fitness Reporter Eric Smith
Metro Columnist Erin Grace
Metro Columnist Mike Kelly
Metro Columnist Matthew Hansen
Humorist Columnist Brad Dickson
Director of Photography Jeff Bundy
Photographer Rebecca Gratz
Photographer Sarah Hoffman
Photographer Megan Farmer
Photographer Kent Sievers
Photographer Chris Machian
Photographer Mark Davis
Photographer Brendan Sullivan
Photographer Ryan Soderlin
Photographer Matt Miller
Video Assignment Editor Zach Long
Video Production Editor Ray Meints
Features Editor Deb Shanahan
Deputy Features Editor Sara Ziegler
Religion Reporter Mike O’Connor
Features GA Reporter Chris Peters
Features GA Reporter Casey Logan
Features GA Reporter Blake Ursch
Calendar/Online reporter Andrea Kszystyniak
Fine arts reporter Betsie Freeman
Reporter Kevin Coffey
Food Writer Sarah Baker-Hansen
Medical Reporter Rick Ruggles
Designer Brady Jones
Metro-Regional News
Asst. Metro-Regional Editor, Education Cate Folsom
Asst. Metro-Regional Editor, Breaking News, Days Bob Glissmann
Part-time City Editor Pat  Waters
Asst. Metro-Regional Editor, Breaking News, Nights Julie Wasson
Day Cops Reporter Maggie O’Brien maggie.o’
Swing/G.A. Reporter, Nights Alia Conley
Reporter Jay Withrow
Crime Enterprise, Federal Courts Reporter Alissa Skelton
Weather/G.A. Reporter Nancy Gaarder
Breaking News Reporter Kevin Cole
Night Cops Reporter Emerson Clarridge
Courts Reporter Todd Cooper
Deputy Metro-Regional Editor Connie White
Western Iowa Reporter Andrew Nelson
Regional/Legislature Reporter Joe Duggan
Lincoln Bureau Chief, Legislature/State Issues Paul Hammel
Legislature/State Issues Reporter Martha Stoddard
Asst. Metro Editor Jeff Robb
City Hall/Neighborhoods/Planning Chris Burbach
Douglas-Sarpy County, utilities, watchdog/CAR Cody Winchester
Metro Issues/Watchdog/CAR Matt Wynn
Sarpy Burbs/Sarpy Crime-courts Emily Nohr
City Hall Reporter Roseann Moring
Bellevue, Ralston, Metro Transportation Jordan Pascale
Obits Reporter Roger Buddenberg
OPS Reporter Erin Duffy
Higher Education Reporter Kate Howard
State Education Reporter Joe Dejka
Education/G.A.  Reporter Julie Anderson
Asst. Metro-Regional Editor, National Issues/Politics Paul Goodsell
Regional/G.A. Reporter David Hendee
Political Reporter Robynn Tysver
Military reporter Steve Liewer
High End/G.A. Reporter Henry Cordes
Washington Bureau Reporter Joe Morton
Money Editor Brad Davis
Deputy Money Editor Bob McDonald
Labor, Workplace, Economy Reporter Janice Podsada
Banking Reporter Cole Epley
Transportation, Energy, Finance Reporter Russell Hubbard
Housing, Commercial Real Estate Reporter Cindy Gonzalez
Retail Reporter Paige Yowell
Finance, Insurance Reporter Steve Jordon
Food Industry/Agriculture Reporter Barbara Soderlin
Money Designer Pam Miller-Jenkins
Sports Editor Thad Livingston
Deputy Sports Editor Nick Piastowski
Reporter Rich Kaipust
Reporter Sam McKewon
Reporter Mike Patterson
Reporter Dirk Chatelain
Reporter Stu Pospisil
Reporter Jon Nyatawa
Reporter Tony Boone
Reporter Lee Barfknecht
Reporter Steve Pivovar
Copy Editor Adam Ziegler
Copy Editor Kristin Donovan
Copy Editor Zach Tegler
Copy Editor Cory Gilinsky
Copy Editor John Rodino
Columnist Tom Shatel
Copy Editor Marjorie Ducey
Copy Editor Gene Schinzel
Copy Editor/Online Editor Brian Norton
Deputy Sports Editor-Online Graham Archer
Copy Editor/Online Editor Brandon Olson
Sports Online Editor Cameron Carlow
Designer Ian Lawson
Designer Margaret Riedel
High Schools Nick Rubek
Lancers, High School Sports Steve Beideck
Imager Jolene McHugh
Imager Chuck Moss
Imager Bob Zurek
Chief Librarian Jeanne Hauser
Data Processor/Photo Librarian Joe Janowski
Data Processor/Photo Librarian Sheritha Jones
Data processor Kela Vehbiu
Special Sections
Special Sections Editor Shelley Larsen
Deputy Special Sections Editor Howard Marcus
Designer Tom Knox
Designer Kiley Cruse
OWH Store
Intellectual Property Manager Michelle Gullett
The Bottom Line
TBL Host Mike’l Severe
TBL Producer Chad Aune
Council Bluffs Sports  Nonpareil  712-325-5760
Deputy Sports Editor Kevin White
Reporter Evan Bland
Reporter Pat Donohue
Assistant Desk Chief Frank Hassler