The John Gottschalk Freedom Center

The Omaha World-Herald John Gottschalk Freedom Center is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art newspaper production facility located in downtown Omaha. The John Gottschalk Freedom Center features an offset printing system that permits easy color and page expansion and superior quality print.

  • There are three presses. Each press stands five stories tall.
  • Presses weigh 1,661 U.S. tons.
  • Six computer consoles control the presses.
  • The presses print two daily newspapers and five weekly newspapers.
  • A tunnel under 13th Street connects material handling center to printing facility.
  • Automated shuttle system retrieves paper roll and inserts as needed.
  • The material handling center can store 3,000 rolls of newsprint.
  • If unrolled, a roll of newsprint would extend ten miles in length.
  • Railroad cars deliver newsprint inside the material handling center.
  • The presses can print up to 75,000 newspapers per hour.